Follow up e-learning modules and contribute surveys wherever you are, whenever you can.

Employee development;

Soft-skills, Competence, Managerial Skills and Leadership Development video courses, assigned individually within the given time context. Notified and

monitored by Firm.eye, as well as certified through an exam, if needed.

Leadershıp bulletın board;

The right leadership communication is critical to employee engagement, which in turn is critical to business success.

Firm.eye proposes that;

  • The more information people have, and the more they are helped to understand it, the more they contribute in a meaningful way even share information, which is normally regarded as ‘too sensitive’. Being open about problems, as well as successes, will create greater trust and respect from staff.
  • If senior management asks people to share more ideas, Firm.eye would help explain what kind of ideas, you are looking for and ask questions to get them thinking.
  • If leaders are committed to making changes in the way they communicate, they can expect amazing outcomes in terms of engaging employees, because business results ultimately rely on excellent communication.


Firm.Eye Surveys

  • Employee Engagement Survey
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Employee Benefits Survey
  • Manager Performance Survey
  • Employee Exit Survey

Firm.Eye Opinion Polls

  • Net Promoter Score
  • Employee Mood Indicator
  • Employee Like/Dislike